Jill's Art on Display at VMFA

One of our newest Jills has her artwork on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Addison Young attend a week long summer camp at VMFA in 2017. They select one child from each age level to display their art. Addison was selected because the teacher liked her creativity and vivid imagination. The museum retains the art for a year and it is displayed the next summer.

Addison was extremely excited to be selected. “Wow! I could not believe that I was selected. When my teacher told me, I was so excited. I chose to make “Ocean Girl” because we were told to make a pretend Greek God. I just started making a girl with a leotard on, since I am a gymnast, and when I put blue around her-it reminded me of the ocean”. As you can see, inspiration comes from all around. JRVA is extremely proud of Addison. We hope you'll check out her artwork on your next trip to the VMFA.

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