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Richmond Renaissance Cotillion

The year Twenty-Two marks the return of the James River Chapter's Richmond Renaissance Junior Cotillion. The goal of the Cotillion is not only to teach your middle school children etiquette skills and ballroom dancing, but to also aid them in their journey to becoming productive and socially conscious leaders in their community.   This year's theme is "Nights Over Egypt", in which we will pay homage to the "land from the ancient times."  

In addition to the Finale where the children showcase their formal dances and etiquette skills, we plan to offer a full-day retreat where participants will learn goal setting, civic responsibility, financial literacy and team building.  The goal of the cotillion experience is to manifest and reinforce leadership, confidence and integrity.    


We hope your child will join us for this exciting experience.  Please return to this webpage often during this time for more information, or contact us at

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